The idea for The Transfiguration Cycle first came to me as I was watching (Jazz-bass-superstar) Esperanza Spalding perform her concept piece ‘Emily’s D+Evolution’ in the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. Full of inspiration at this deep-dope multi-song concept journey unfolding before me, I started to wonder how I could do such a thing in the form of written poetry – would it be possible to create a book that acted like a written concept album?

What emerged was this collection, which uses verse, story, graphic design, music and poet-commentary to travel the journey of The Transfiguration Cycle.

It’s a journey about self-discovery, or rather the discovery of the true self – the (often hidden) greatness and beauty that lies deep in the heart of a person.

The collection is massively influenced by comic book culture – notably that of the Superhero comic – and this acts as the metaphor and vessel in which I tell the story of Transfiguration. It’s a collection that’s deeply autobiographical and intimate; it speaks of a journey I’ve been travelling myself for the last few years; it asks questions that dwell furtive in the soul-level of being.

I wanted to make something that questioned the boundaries of my craft, whilst giving space to the simple beauty of poetical expression. The Transfiguration Cycle is my offering on this front – an invitation to journey and dwell in the world of Transfiguration.


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